Veterinary Clinic
Le Cannet

 Clinique vétérinaire des Orangers - Le Cannet

The team of the veterinary clinic of Les Orangers offers a general and specialized medicine and surgery, as well as advice for all your animals and a personalized welcome.

For us, each animal is unique.


Veterinary Clinic
Le Cannet

 Clinique vétérinaire des Orangers - Le Cannet

Veterinaire Le Cannet . Clinique des Orangers. Frédérique LEFAY

The team of the veterinary clinic of Les Orangers offers a general and specialized medicine and surgery, as well as advice for all your animals and a personalized welcome.

For us, each animal is unique.



Clinique Vétérinaire des Orangers - Le Cannet-Frédérique LEFAY

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Accueil clinique vétérinaire des orangers

Monday – friday :

8:30 – 12:30 am et 3:00 à 7:00 pm

Saturday :

8:30 am- 1:00 pm

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In case or emergency

Outside opening hours, the answering machine of the clinic gives you the instructions to adopt and the number of the veterinarian on duty.

04 92 18 93 88

04 92 18 93 88


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« Love, care, protect»
is our motto

Our team is at your disposal and at your disposal for any advice and care.



Clinique vétérinaire des Orangers - Le Cannet Dr Lefay


Diplômée de L’École Vétérinaire d’Alfort

Dr. Frédérique Huerre-Robert is the founder of the Orangers Clinic. A graduate of the National Veterinary School of Alfort, she holds a CES of Ophthalmology and is on the list of veterinarians authorized to perform behavioral visits. She will receive you in consultation on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, as well as Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Alizee Vet Clinic - Céline LEPAINGARD


Diplômée de l’école Vétérinaire d’Alfort.

Always accompanied by his faithful Diesel (the dog on the picture), it also has 4 cats.

    The nurses

    Veterinaire des orangers equipe ASV


    Charlène joined the team in October, training at school. Passionate about animals since always, she is very sensitive to the animal cause in the world. Her best friend, her cat Tom.



    Marion has been with us for 17 years. She recovers all the animals in distress (there is no room at home) hens, magpies, gulls, bats, rabbits, with his faithful dog OURAL.


    PIA, joined our team in July 2019, she is currently undergoing GIPSA training to become a Specialized Veterinary Auxiliary. Pia shares her life with 3 dwarf goats.



    Consultation chat


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    Whether it is a so-called « routine » visit, to maintain the vaccinations or to prepare a trip, or that you bring us your sick animal, we know that the consultation is a time with the privileged faith but also sometimes scary in your life together with your pet. For the health of your pet, it is necessary to call on a specialist … We are these specialists! Because diagnosing diseases and treating them is our job and we are proud of it, we strive to provide you with a high quality service !

    Visite comportementale veterinaire le cannet


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    Veterinary medicine has evolved. Now, behavioral disorders are recognized as real illnesses and there are medical treatments adapted to pets. Having a dog or a cat with either is not always easy and often, wanting to do too well, it hurts. The pathologies of the behavior are numerous and if the signs are similar, the treatments can be opposed. If your pet is aggressive, does damage in the house in your absence or even in your presence, if it is still not clean, if it seems amorphous … These are all important signs that should lead you to consult. Remember to prepare this consultation: make an appointment and start recording all the important elements of your dog’s or your cat’s disorder. To establish a diagnosis and offer you a treatment, we will need to know where your animal sleeps, what he eats, when he eats, where he eats, what silly things he does, under what conditions he lives (apartment, garden, walks , distractions), etc. Do not live with a devil at home, come see your vet.



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    The pubertary consultation is an important appointment in the life of your companion. It allows a control of the stage of growth, an assessment of the dental state, a verification and an adaptation of the vaccinal status, an aid in the behavioral development of the pup or kitten.

    Do not take advice for your pet between 3 and 15 months is a bit like, proportionately, raise a child without a doctor, without a dentist, without school between 6 and 25 years.

    The interest and the richness of this visit lies in the interaction between the owner and the veterinarian, with in particular an adaptation of the prevention of the diseases and parasitic infestations and this according to the way of life of each one: it is obvious that a hunting dog or a country cat does not run the same risks as a city dog ​​or a house cat, but they all require special care. Finally, the puberty consultation is an opportunity to discuss the possibility of sterilization, often recommended for any dog ​​or cat that we do not wish to reproduce.


    Clinique Vétérinaire des Orangers - Le Cannet-Consultation


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    This is the time to perform further examinations: a blood test to check the renal and hepatic function, a radiograph to assess the extent of a possible osteoarthritis or the state of the heart …


    We will then give you all the necessary explanations. This thorough examination is essential for your pet to age in the best conditions. Currently, all breeds, half of dogs and one third of cats are over the age of 12. Thanks to this regular monitoring, it is possible to prevent the appearance of many diseases or to treat them as soon as the first symptoms appear.

    We offer several formulas:

    BASIC CHECHUP : 47,20 €

    – a general clinical examination: state of overweight, dentition, eyes, ears, skin …

    – an orthopedic examination (if a pain is highlighted, we will propose a radiographic examination)

    – a genitourinary examination (udders and vulvae in the bitch, testicles and prostatic touching in the male)

    – a nutritional assessment: the older dog digests less well and assimilates some vitamins less well, so it requires a more digestible food and possibly vitamin supplementation.


    – basic balance sheet + – urinalysis (urinary strip and urinary density, and in case of abnormal bacteriological examination)

    – a blood test (search for diabetes, increase in liver and kidney values, cholesterol levels)

    CARDIAC RESULT: 172,30 €

    – basic balance sheet +

    – a cardiorespiratory assessment (blood test, radiography: one side and a thorax profile and an electrocardiogram)


    – basic chekup

    – urinary analysis (urine test strip and urinary density, and in case of abnormal bacteriological examination)

    – a blood test (search for diabetes, increase in liver values ​​and

    – a cardiorespiratory examination (X-ray and electrocardiogram)


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    To take care of a dog is not always so simple and our companions know how to be uncooperative when they want it !!! Some small gestures that seem so obvious when you talk about them sometimes require a bit of know-how. Feel free to tell us !


    It’s not always easy to properly apply a treatment or clean your dog’s ears properly. You can go to the clinic, Marion or our veterinarians are there to show you and help you achieve this hygiene care.


    We do not offer « grooming » or « carved cut », but if your cat or dog needs to be partially or completely shaved (important knots, short mowing of summer, …) our Auxiliary of Health Specialized veterinarian will be able to realize it, under anesthesia if necessary.


    You have difficulty administering The vermifuge. The external parasite. Prescribed treatment. Go to the clinic with your pet, we will do it for you!


    We will cut the claws of your pet at your request. This service is free for clinic clients.


    The clinic offers the care of your cat, in individual box.

    Clinique Vétérinaire des Orangers - Le Cannet-Frédérique LEFAY


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    You want to be reassured about the modalities of hospitalization in our clinic. It’s natural !

    Medical follow-up:

    Each day of your hospitalization (and at the slightest alert), your pet undergoes a rigorous clinical examination to determine his general condition. Its temperature is raised. a veterinarian auscultates and checks his mucous membranes. If he needs additional specialized care (infusion, medicines, dressings …) they are checked, realized and maintained.

    Tranquility and permanent monitoring:

    Whatever the reason for hospitalization, everything is done to prevent your pet from additional stress. A sick animal, separated from its owners, in a foreign environment, is under significant stress. It’s enough! Marion (ASV) has the role of reassuring and reassuring but above all to ensure a careful and rigorous monitoring. Several times a day, your pet’s reactions, temperature and cleanliness are monitored. Marion is particularly sensitive to hygiene and the kennel is disinfected at midday and evening. Particular attention is also paid to the quality of its diet.

    Comfort and pain management:

    During his hospitalization, your pet is placed in a kennel cage. The equipment of the veterinary clinic is optimized to ensure a maximum comfort (local clean, dry and equipped with a mattress pad, controlled temperature, sound insulation …) When the animal is in care, shocked animal, infusion etc … we use if necessary a heat lamp and hot water bottles. Our ASV and our veterinarians are particularly attentive to the manifestations of pain and lavish all the care necessary to control it, particularly during the pre or post-surgical care. The moving animals are out for a daily walk, so that they relieve themselves. This little moment makes it possible to create links between the team and your companion. The hospitalization of your companion is a difficult passage.

    At the clinic, the whole team is aware of the importance of this moment. Our organization is built so that the stay goes in the best conditions.


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    You wish to carry out a sterilization, or another operation diite « of convenience »; maybe your pet needs to be operated on for a health problem. Naturally this surgery worries you! … Be reassured, the veterinary clinic has the most modern skills and means for maximum safety and success of the operation, as well as to ensure the best comfort for your companion.

    Before the surgery:

    The veterinarian conducts a complete clinical examination to ensure that there is no contraindication or particular risk to anesthesia. With the help of a specialized assistant, the veterinarian performs the pre-anesthesia and if necessary, places a catheter. We manage the pain with anti-inflammatories or, if the intervention is more important, with morphine. The assistant mows and disinfects the operating area. From that moment, we work in sterile conditions. The veterinarian places sterile surgical drapes on the animal and works with sterilized equipment.

    During the operation:

    While the veterinarian intervenes, our specialized assistant monitors the anesthesia. After the operation: In general, a bandage is put in place to protect the scar. If necessary, a « shackle » is placed around the neck of your animal to prevent him from licking or nibbling his scar on waking. The animal wakes up in a comfortable and heated hospitalization box. Our specialized assistant monitors his wake up and his comfort until his exit. She lavishes the care necessary for an awakening without excessive pain and ensures the hygiene of his box of hospitalization throughout the day. Of course, she is able to call a veterinarian immediately at the slightest alert. In most cases, you recover your pet the night of the procedure. The veterinarian then explains the treatment to follow and the precautions to take in the days following the surgery (antibiotics in some cases).

    Post-operative care:

    For some procedures, you will be asked to re-consult with your pet to check for healing. Then 10 to 12 days after the procedure, if necessary – a new visit will remove the stitches. This visit will be an opportunity to perform a complete clinical examination again to verify the good recovery of your animal after surgery.


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    In many cases, a blood sample is necessary to clarify a diagnosis. The information collected is very important, even vital, so we look forward to seeing the result.

    The installation of a technical analysis platform in the office allows us to shorten the time to obtain the results and thus offer you a quality service.

    Very regularly, we need an analysis of blood chemistry, urea, creatinine, blood sugar.

    List of dosages carried out:

    • Glycemia (diagnosis of diabetes …)
    • Creatinine,
    • Urea,
    • Uric acid (diagnosis of kidney problems),
    • PAL, ALAT,
    • ionogram, ect.

    The list of possible analyzes is very broad and offers us a wide range of possibilities to deepen the diagnosis of the disease of your animal and improve its treatment. Finally, our clinic offers other laboratory tests routinely. We carry out daily dermatological samples, for the research of Teignes for example.

    We also perform ELISA tests for certain diseases such as Leishmaniasis in dogs or Leucosis and IVF in cats. Blood Count-Calculations are routed daily by courier to an analytical laboratory.

    The clinic works in collaboration with various specialized laboratories to offer you all the analyzes that may be necessary.


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    It turns out that cavities are infrequent in pets.

    On the other hand, the nature of the saliva and the quality of the enamel are at the origin of early calculus deposits.

    These deposits of scale are at the origin of a foul breath but also of infiltration under gingival, source of periodontal disease which can lead to the destruction of the bone of the dental cell, particularly in the animals of small breeds. Cats are also prone to stomatitis whose treatment requires accurate diagnosis and care that can only be properly performed with adequate equipment.

    Our dental equipment includes a health center comparable to human dentistry units, which allows us to provide the best care for your animals. Our equipment also allows the care often required by the oral diseases of small rodents (incisor filing, extraction).

    Chronic dental infections, even if this is not known, are frequently the cause of serious, chronic conditions that can compromise the life of the animal : heart disease, joint.


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    A red or closed eye, crying? It can be an emergency that requires specialized consultation!

    Your dog gets old, bangs against objects on the outside and his eyes turn blue? There is a good chance that this is the beginning of a cataract …

    Sight is one of the most important senses for our companions and, like you, we attach particular importance to it. In addition to the attention we naturally pay to your pets during regular consultations, at the Orangers clinic, we offer an ophthalmology consultation service and eye surgery. We regularly perform interventions on the eye following trauma etc …

    So that your animals do not lose their sight and that they are always as beautiful and gay as before, do not wait to consult or ask us advice!

    Specialized ophthalmic consultations are by appointment every day except Wednesday afternoons and Fridays.


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    We are committed to informing and educating our customers about the importance of a quality diet distributed in reasonable quantities. Indeed, a scientific study proves that a good balanced diet distributed in reasonable quantity increases the life expectancy of our dogs by 20% (12 years versus 10 years or, on a human scale, this amounts to a gain of 15%). years…). The clinic will propose a nutritional recommendation personalized to the needs of your animal.


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    At the end of a consultation or surgery, we will be able to deliver you, on the spot, the adapted medicines.

    We have adapted medicines with a Marketing Authorization (AMM) for each species.

    This marketing authorization guarantees that the drug has been the subject of specific studies proving that the drug is effective and safe.

    In this respect, it is useful to recall two rules to which we are subject and which we must respect:  if an equivalent molecule exists in humans, this does not prove that the human drug is effective and safe on the dog or cat. It depends on other factors, including the galenic.

    • We are not allowed to prescribe human drugs when the equivalent. veterinary exists. we are only allowed to sell drugs with a marketing authorization after having seen an animal in consultation, for the strict use related to the order related to this pathology, that day.
    • We are not allowed, for example, to renew the prescription for an animal seen by another veterinarian if we do not receive it for consultation.

    The respect of these rules allows us to maintain this service that we render to our customers.

    X RAY

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    Radiography can be very useful for detecting an abnormality. We systematically propose this complementary examination on fracture suspensions or during important lameness, for example.

    In case of cough, it may also be useful to perform a x-ray of the chest, in order to realize if there are pulmonary opacities, or to check the size of the heart … These are just a few examples

    Radiography is based on the use of  X-rays, which pass through living tissues and thus allow the patient to see « through ». Prolonged or too regular exposure to X-rays can be dangerous. This is why our clinic implements all legal and necessary measures to ensure the radiation protection of our staff but also of all our visitors.

    Our radiography room is protected and placed in restricted access to authorized personnel. We must protect ourselves with lead aprons when we carry out the radios and Dr. Lefay is responsible « radiocompetent » for this activity, which is regularly checked. Efficiency and safety are at this price! Once the cliché is taken, we develop it as soon as possible.

    Hip dislocation Radios are used to visualize different organs:

    • for bones, they allow us to see dislocations, fractures, osteoarthritis …
    • lungs and heart: the thorax radio shows the size of the heart, the presence or absence of pulmonary edema, effusion in the chest. We do this very frequently as a result of a road accident or a major fall. – intestines, kidneys, liver, bladder

    Radiography  of the abdomen can highlight a foreign body blocked in the intestine and which causes an occlusion.

    • It allows to observe certain urinary stones, tumors on the spleen, the liver …
    • During gestation, it allows to count the young and to measure them to prepare well for the birth.

    We are equipped with a digital radiography device that improves the quality of our shots, the ability to zoom on small lesions difficult to see, to make measurements for follow-ups since all shots are kept in memory in the file of the animal. The speed of execution of radio shots also makes this examination less painful for your animals.

    Radiography is a very useful and often indispensable complementary examination in veterinary medicine.

    That’s why we offer it regularly. Sometimes it can be supplemented with an ultrasound. In some cases, we have to put the animal to sleep to make radios, the clichés are also of variable size.

    The cost of an Xray  is 60,30 € for the first shot, apart from the possible costs of anesthesia and 31,50 € for the extra shots.



    • Lire la suite
    Lire la suite

    Ultrasound examination has the advantage of being completely painless. Thanks to ultrasound, we can visualize the internal organs of your animal.

    So we will offer you:

    • Examination of the genital system (for a diagnosis of pregnancy or when there is suspicion of a uterine infection in the female or exploration of the prostate in the male).
    • Echocardiography allows to visualize the different parts of the heart and thus to identify any anomalies that may prevent its proper functioning.
    • Abdominal ultrasound can visualize the bladder (when calculating stones for example), the appearance of the kidneys, spleen or liver.
    • It also allows the examination of the intestine (for example during a suspicion of foreign body).


    Consultez les dernières actualités de la clinique ou du monde vétérinaire.
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    Au printemps, prendre soin de son jardin est un plaisir pour toutes les mains vertes. Nos compagnons à quatre pattes profitent également de l’extérieur pour se dépenser. Néanmoins, il faut considérer la toxicité de certaines plantes pour ne pas gâcher leur plaisir.

    28 février 2024

    La dermatite atopique, parfois appelée « eczéma du chien », est une maladie inflammatoire chronique de la peau du chien.  Elle est causée par des allergies à des substances présentes dans l’environnement…

    3 février 2024

    Après le U en 2023, 2024 sera l’année des « V » pour les chiens! Mais pour les les chats les lettres W, X, Y et Z seront aussi possibles selon la Fédération Féline Française. De quoi se creuser la tête pour trouver un nom que votre compagnon canin ou félin pourra facilement retenir…


    • On appointments :
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      Saturday :
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    La clinique se situe au centre du Cannet, à 50 mètres de l’Hôtel de Ville

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    The Vet Clinic  des Orangers envolved in animal protection

    Le Dr HUERRE-ROBERT is technical advisor for the association  « Instinct de vies ».

    The association works with the Vietnamese government to regulate (and eventually ban) the consumption of meat from dogs and cats. They are indeed, shot in very barbaric conditions and tourists are shocked. We put the photo here in black and white so as not to risk shocking the most sensitive souls. We have the support of our colleague and member of the Alpes-Maritimes Loic Dombreval who is involved in this cause We organize in partnership with Vietnamese and English associations in November a conference on the protection and welfare of animals in Vietnam in Hanoi. You can support the association by clicking on the LOGO opposite.

    Voir le site et soutenir "Instincts de vie"
    Voir le site et soutenir « Instincts de vie« 
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